Privacy Policy

Beginning on January 1, 2004 the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act ("PIPEDA") and certain matching provincial privacy legislation applies to FGL Sports Ltd. ("FGL" or the "Company") in its collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information of its customers, employees and certain partners in business.

At FGL, we are truly committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the personal information we deal with on an on-going basis.

Our Privacy Policy together with our internal procedures and operational policies, establish high standards for the collection, use, disclosure and storage of such personal information in all of our operations and stores.

We have established a Privacy Committee which is responsible for overseeing the collection and use of personal information within our Company. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer at 403-717-1306 or by email at .

How We Collect, Use, Disclose and Store Personal Information


  • We collect only that information which we require for the specific purposes we have identified to you.
  • We obtain your consent prior to the collection of the information, whether implied, in writing, verbally, electronically or through your authorized representative.
  • You may withdraw your permission for us to collect such information at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and upon reasonable notice.
  • The information we collect will assist us in better understanding your needs as a customer, employee or business partner and will enable us to offer you the full range of services we feel meets those particular needs.

Use and Disclosure

  • We will use and disclose the information collected only for the specific purposes we have identified to you.
  • You may withdraw your permission for us to use or disclose such information at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and upon reasonable notice.

Storage and Protection

  • We are responsible for all personal information in our possession or our care and custody, including information we must transfer to a third party service provider such as an insurance company in the case of the provision of certain benefits for our employees. To that end, we maintain the safeguards and security measures which are appropriate or which reflect the type of document the information is contained in.
  • We have developed and continued to improve storage and security measures designed to safeguard and protect personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure and unauthorized use or modification.
  • All FGL employees are required to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.
  • We will maintain and retain the information only as long as it required, such as updating our services to you or as may be required by law.
  • Where we destroy personal information as may be necessary from time to time, we shall use appropriate safeguards to ensure that unauthorized parties do not have access to the information during the process.

Your Right to Access Your Personal Information

  • You have a right to know whether we have any personal information about you and to see that information, as provided by law.
  • You also have a right to know how we collect, use, disclose, maintain and destroy any of this personal information.
  • Should you believe any of this personal information is incorrect or requires updating, you may advise us and we will make the necessary corrections and updating.
  • You may also register a privacy-related complaint by contacting our Privacy Officer at .